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Able Wine 12 bottle Foam insert carton

Able Wine 12 bottle Foam insert carton

$40.00 $29.00

12 bottle wine foam cooler. Great for caravan


Wine 12 bottle Foam insert carton

Great for storing wine and having a more constant temperature.

Great in a caravan when traveling. Keeps cool and bottles don’t break.

Flying overseas. Why not take a dozen South Australian wines with you. SA has a wide range of wines to choose from. Foam wine shipper.

Includes Cardboard Carton, a Foam top, Foam Base and Foam center with round partitions for 12 wine bottle storage. Cheap wine rack or foam wine shipper. Wide variety of foam wine products. They are a sturdy shipping box to best protect wine bottles being posted or couriered. Wine box packaging. Quality cardboard box for the foam inserts to slide in. Packaging boxes in Adelaide at 5 Rosslyn St, Mile End.


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Weight 8000 g
Dimensions 41 × 31 × 45 cm