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Mt Barker Self Storage-Phone Now

Mt Barker Self Storage

Mt Barker Self Storage is in the fastest, non coastal growing town in Australia. Positioned in the center of the Adelaide Hills we offer affordable self storage just streets from most of the new developments. We are the nearest self storage place to most of the building at Mt Barker.

Local  and close to Bluestone, Springlake, Newenham, Aston Hills, Glenlea, Amblemead.

Our furniture storage units have different sizes from 1.8 x 2.4 m small self storage units that are ideal for storing those precious furniture pieces and moving boxes when moving interstate or overseas.

Store space for rent go up to 6m x 6m individual self storage units and these are accessible 24 / 7

Mt Barker Self Storage offer vehicle storage, caravan storage, container Storage, trailer storage, car storage and truck storage.

Our self storage buildings have flexibility with access hours allowing us to locate your storage area convenient to your needs.

We sell moving boxes that are strong and sturdy allowing you to stack you storage unit secure and make use of the height. Bubble wrap is sold in 1.5m wide lengths and 5m, 10m or 100m lengths. Used for protecting paintings  stored in our picture mirror cartons.

Mt Barker Self Storage, Mt Barker Self Storage-Phone Now

Picture Mirror

In the Adelaide Hills Truck hire is offered with us with car license trucks holding approximately 18 cubic meters. Some have tailgate loaders and some have walk boards. These have a pantek (solid enclosed cover) that is about 4.2m long and 2.1 wide x 2.1 high.

Mt Barker Self Storage, Mt Barker Self Storage-Phone Now

Mt Barker Self Storage


We are a local family business that have been in self storage and removals for over 30 years so we can advise on what storage best fits your needs at the most cost effective way.

Please phone or email our friendly trained staff and they can assist you and make your move less stressful.

Save if you’re Able  08 7444 4144