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Top Interior Design Trends

Top Interior Design Trends

Designers are always coming up with new and fascinating ways to use interior spaces. Today’s designers are rethinking spaces and making them come to life again. You can take your existing pieces from self storage Adelaide and add a few pieces that are trendy. You’ll have an updated look that says you’re in touch with modern design – and all from just using spaces effectively. Trends today tend to centre around the idea of making it easy to live indoors and out. Think about what your own style is and then use it as a springboard to merge with contemporary ideas about design for a truly inviting look in any home right now.

Intense Colour

One area that designers are turning to in order to bring spaces to life is the use of lots of shades of very deep colour. They love shades like aquamarine, topaz, scarlet and vivid violet. They’re showing just about every colour in the rainbow and yet adding sophistication at the same time. You can take items like a set of furniture you might have been keeping in self storage Adelaide and make it new again. Stripping down items and painting them is easier than ever. A painted cabinet in striking colour, like emerald green, can serve as the focal point for the rest of the room. Put in soothing contrast like a soft shade of lavender for a look that stands out and makes people want to hang around when you’re entertaining.

Rugs with Personality

Rugs are another area that’s getting a lot of attention from designers today. A rug is an inexpensive way to add texture and warmth. Take your own rugs out of self storage Adelaide and lay them next to some of the most exciting of today’s designs. For example, cowhide rugs and rugs made from other types of animal skins are popular. They’re also a green choice that makes good use of existing resources that might otherwise go to waste. These are rugs that can go in any room in your home and add modern personality.

Lighting Innovations

Light in any home needs to be given lots of thought in order to feel at ease no matter what you’re doing. You’ll want to look for ways to keep a nice mixture of natural and artificial lighting in each room. For example, you can find lamps on the market today that fit in well for use with computers by every member of the family. Modern, trendy lamps are designed to make it easy to read computer screens and get things done when you’re at home checking your daily to-do list. Designers are also looking to skylights to help stream natural light in as many spaces as possible. Another way to introduce natural light to a room is to clear away any clutter that might block natural light from entering a space. You can easily achieve this innovative design trend by placing some of your items in self storage Adelaide.