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FAQ Able Self Storage

FAQ Able Self Storage

Frequently asked Questions

FAQ Able Self Storage, FAQ Able Self Storage

  • Can I get short term storage?

Yes we are happy to store your goods short term. It may be slightly more costly but we can make it work for you. Self storage units are different sizes. If you are storing short term it often is easier to occupy a larger storage unit so you have room to move in. doing this will make the furniture removal quicker costing you less.

  • How often do I have to pay?

Our standard invoices are generated monthly in advance. If you pay 6 months or 12 months up front then a discount will apply making it cheap storage.

  • Can I insure my contents?

Yes. We offer affordable insurance with Midland Insurance

  • How do I stack my self storage unit?

Put large square items at the back of your storage unit. You can put moving boxes or light items on them making good use of your storage volume. The cost of self storage you are paying for is space, so use it.

  • How do I pack a moving box – T Chest?

Get some packing paper and screw up a crush in the bottom so if something was to pierce the box it would only touch the paper.

Wrap items individually and put heavy items on the bottom. Fill any void areas in the box so things can’t move.

Label all boxes by what is in the box or number each box and have a spreadsheet.

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FAQ Able Self Storage, FAQ Able Self Storage

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