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Able Self Storage Pre Packing

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Able Self Storage & Removals can organise your pre pack of all your house content. (even if it has been there for 40 years). Able Self Storage Pre Packing supply the packing boxes, bubble wrap to protect your valuables, packing paper for all your china, vases and glassware. Strong moving boxes make life easy with little stress and strain. Storage with boxes is affordable. We can cover most of South Australia.

Moving Boxes Adelaide

When you use proper moving cartons the truck packs tight and gives less chance of breakage by boxes crushing which then costs you replacing broken items. We have different boxes for storage.

Our teams have experience and knowledge of how to pack and what should be packed with what. Affordable price is what customers look for and you will be surprised as to how cheap it can cost.

If your furniture and contents are being stored in a secure self storage facility it is so important to use strong moving boxes. Getting recycled boxes from Woolworths and Bunnings is a false economy as the boxes can crush hence breaking your valuable possessions.

We have a selection of boxes for hanging clothes called porta robes. Large is 1120 mm high which are great for dresses and coats etc and our small porta robes are 770 mm high ideal for shirts and pants.

port a robe Able

Picture Mirror cartons for protecting paintings, prints, and mirrors. We have a standard box that measures 1040  x  780  x 75 mm which can hold sometimes 3 paintings. We also have a telescopic 2 part box that can expand to fit different size paintings.

If you are in Adelaide, Mt Barker or Mt Gambier we can organise your pre pack to help take out the stress of moving.

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