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Dry Sac Desiccant -50g

Dry Sac Desiccant -50g

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Dry Sac Desiccant -50g

High performance control of humidity / moisture


About the Product
Dry Sac high performance desiccant outperforms traditional silica gel in absorbing moisture.
Typical applications include protection for:
Clothing Textiles Furniture
Electronics Bedding Books
Leather goods Arts and crafts Metals
Custom made high performance formula – 7 times more absorbent than traditional silica gel        Absorbs odours – Prevents mould and mildew
Product code Size (gm) Packaging Protective lifetime
ZX50 50 Breathable plastic sachet Depends on climatic conditions.  6 months to a year.  Sachet will solidify over time and remain dry.
ZX150 150
How to Use
Place sachet(s) in area to be protected.  Ideal for use where high humidity or rapid changes in temperature can cause condensation. 



   Desiccant sachet                                               

   Sachet used to protect a carton of books


Guide on how many Dry Sac sachets to use – depends on humidity / location
Item being protected ZX50 sachets ZX150 sachets
Book carton 1 1
Tea chest 2 1
Port-a-robe 3 1
Chair covers 2 1
Mattress Cover 2-4 1-2
Lounge cover 2-4 1-2



Where using more than one sachet place them at opposite ends of the carton or cover for optimum protection.


Dry Sac desiccant sachets outperform silica gel by absorbing more water as shown in the graph below.  A 150 gram Dry Sac sachet will absorb the same amount of water as 1 kilogram of silica gel.



The speed of absorption of Dry Sac is also much faster than silica gel thereby protecting faster.


Important Information
Dry Sac high performance desiccant comes packed in breathable sachets.  Do not attempt to open or ingest the ingredients.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 14 x 1 x 6 cm